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How to combine Google Maps and M4DW Routes

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Combine Google Maps with the routes of Marbella 4Days Walking

If you combine Google Maps with our routes, then:
- you can see your progress on the route on your mobile phone;
- you can show your actual location to others;

What do you need:
- Mobile phone with GPS;
- The app Google Maps, free to download from Play Store for Android and Apple Store for Apples;
- A Google account. No Google account? It ise very easy to create one.

How does it work?
On your mobile phone you go to our website - Routes and click on the route of your first day.
Google Maps will be opened. Maybe you need to login first with your Google account.
On your screen you see the map with the route of your choice. This route is now 'connected' to your Google account.
Close Google Maps and select the next route on our website.

In Google Maps you open the menu and select 'Share Location'.
Select a contact from a list or enter the email address of the person who will be allowed to 'follow you'.
Repeat this for all contacts who will be allowed to see your location.
The selected contact will receive an email or mesaage on their phone telling them that you allowed them to see your location.
Just before you start your 'walking day' you start Google Maps.
Select the route of that day. You can do that by opening the menu (3 horizontal lines) and select ‘My places’.
On the line ‘LABELED’ you see on the very right side 'MAPS'. Select that.

You will now see the maps thaT you visisted in the previous steps and are connected to your Google Account.
Select the map of your choice.

Now you see the map with the route.
Small pictures of the people that you allowed to see your actual location will be displayd, if these people also allowed you to see them.